Late Summer Sorbet Living Inspirations

For most of us the summer has always been a time to kick back, wind down, take a break from the routine and rush of our daily lives and take
inspiration from those of others.

With the longer, warmer days and the children out of school, there’s time for us to reconnect and reconsider and for us to dream up new ideas for Sorbet Living and discover new products.

This summer, we have been particularly inspired by the coast although not just the obvious colours and styles. We live near the sea so the colours of the beach houses and painted Georgian houses are as uplifting as the colours of the food in the nearby farm shops, local ice cream and stylish Sussex surf stores.



Surf culture has traditionally been associated with bright, brash boards and primary colours but the book ‘Surf Shack, Laid back Living by the Water’ by Nina Freudenberger shows washed out blues and reds, gelato pinks and sun-bleached citrons and jades. I find that even one
image from a booklike this or a snap taken on my phone can prompt a new train of creative thought.

I also find that a retreat into warmer climes is perfect for disrupting routines and thought processes which may have become a little fatigued.

Sorbet Living was created partly out of my fascination with the gelato colours of Italy and how they are almost instinctively absorbed into everyday life there, whether its the way they lay their tables or present their food.


On Italian coasts the peaches, umbers, pinks and terracotta contrast with the searing blue of the seas and brighter tones of the boats or a simple tablecloth in gingham check – the kind of images and way of life you’ll see in the book ‘Aquacotta ‘ by
Emiko Davies.

She takes readers through the whole lifestyle of Tuscany’s secret Silver Coast, the food, the décor, ambience and philosophy. It’s a reminder that life does not have to be formal, that soft , plain, hand dyed linen cushions or gently rumpled bedding are perfect for the laid back life of summer.

Food beautifully presented on vintage plates creates photoshoot inspiration for Sorbet Living tableware. Juxtaposing old or modern furniture on a simple tiled floor remind us what living should be about – a home where the items in it are either beautiful or useful and more important still, have been chosen because they mean something to the owner, personally.

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