Porcelain Holly Green Pasta Bowl by Ist London


Beautifully simple handmade Porcelain Holly Green Pasta Bowl in a simple minimalist shape in a dark green colour. The bowl is relatively shallow but perfect for pasta, rice dishes or granola and fruit.

Every bowl is made by artisan craftsmen and it can take up to seven days to complete the process of making each one. The Pasta Bowl is made from superior French Limoges porcelain individually in a slip cast mould and sanded by hand. Unusually, the colour pigment is added to the porcelain instead of the glaze, creating an extraordinary depth of colour. The final glaze has a glossy, smooth and durable finish.

The Porcelain pasta bowl is available in one size. It is ideal for everyday brunch, lunch or formal dinner parties. This porcelain Pasta Bowl would make a perfect gift for any occasion including a Wedding gift with other pieces from the collection.

Available in mint, pink or soft white or holly.

Dishwasher safe

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